Tania Cicmil: Transformative Entrepreneur and Mindset Maven

Meet Tania Cicmil, a visionary entrepreneur and the brilliant mind behind Mindstate Coaching. With a rich tapestry of experience spanning 35 years in business, Tania stands as a beacon of inspiration in the world of personal development.As the founder of Mindstate Coaching, Tania has pioneered the revolutionary Mindstate Method, a transformative program known for its rapid impact on individuals seeking profound change. An elite mindset coach, she specialises in mastering paradigms and eliminating limiting beliefs, guiding her clients towards a realm of limitless possibilities.

Tania's expertise extends into Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro-Semantics coaching, reflecting her commitment to cutting-edge methodologies that facilitate holistic personal growth. Armed with a Diploma in Business Management, she brings a wealth of practical knowledge to her coaching practice.

Beyond her role as an entrepreneur, Tania is a testament to financial self-made success. Her journey includes steering multiple businesses, leading hundreds of staff, and serving thousands of clients. This seasoned professional is not only a trailblazer in business but also a dedicated sole parent to two boys, showcasing her resilience and unwavering commitment to a balanced life.

Tania's philosophy is rooted in the belief that we are limitless beings. Her passion lies in unlocking the untapped potential within individuals, a mission she pursues with dedication and purpose. Through Mindstate Coaching, Tania Cicmil continues to empower others to rewrite their stories, break through barriers, and embrace the boundless possibilities that await when we learn to unlock our true potential...Once upon a time in the bustling world of personal development, there was a revolutionary approach known as Mindstate Coaching. This unique coaching philosophy believed in the power of mindset to shape destinies and create extraordinary lives.

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💠 Elevate Your Mind, Transform Your Life: Tania Cicmil Mastermind One-on-One Mentorship 

Embark on a mentoring journey like no other, where excellence is not just promised but guaranteed. In this mentoring experience with Tania Cicmil, anticipate nothing short of 5-star quality throughout your transformative journey.

🔍 Who this Mastermind Mentorship is for

  • Leaders who have stagnated in their personal growth and who need to release their untapped energy, empower their mindset and learn the strategies for success! 

🌟 What Sets Us Apart:

Service Excellence: Immerse yourself in an unparalleled mentoring experience characterised by the highest standards. Your success is our priority, and our commitment to excellence ensures every aspect of your coaching journey reflects that.

Experience mentoring that goes beyond the ordinary – you will embrace your most limitless self, be inspired and motivated and learn how to set standards that go beyond what you ever thought possible. 


Have you ever thought if getting a mindset coach would be for you? In today's world, having the right mindset is crucial for success, often outweighing even the best strategies because without the right mindset, strategies will not get actioned. If you are someone who is stuck, wants to change your current results or simply improve your life then getting yourself a mentor is the easiest way to achieve those results.

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Jump Start

Learn how to set up your next 12 months with an easy step-by-step goal-setting process.

Jump Start your year in 5 days. Easy to follow 5-step system. Take all the guesswork out of goal setting and achievement and throw your New Year's resolutions away for good!

Perfect for beginners in self-development.

If you are new to self-development and have a goal in mind but don't know the first place to start then this simple 5-day process is perfect for you.

In 5 days you will learn the strategy for goal achievement and be on your way to a great year ahead!

The Power of 30 x 30 Masterclass

The 30 x 30 Rapid Transformation Method will teach you how in as little as 30 days and only dedicating 30 minutes a day you will learn how to completely change your results and your life!

We help individuals who want to create bold change in their lives by changing results with money, health, relationships and lifestyle. This Masterclass is for you if you want to stop being stuck in your professional & personal and life. Learn the 30 X 30 RAPID TRANSFORMATION METHOD to FREE YOURSELF from worry, stress and unhappiness. Start living a life where you can have it all.

Are you an ambitious individual with dreams and goals for your professional & personal life but in the last 60 to 90 days you haven't seen any growth or progress, is it safe to say that you are stuck?

Join us for this 45-minute masterclass designed to give you CLARITY, INSPIRATION & MOTIVATION

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